· for 25 years at the electronics market

· comprehensive PCB offer:

· designing, manufacturing, assembly

· various level of design complexity

· certified quality (UL, RoHs)

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PCB design services

· simple and complex multilayer boards,
· for high-speed systems,
· for radio frequencies,
· we can implement FPGA systems, communiction interfaces: PCIe, USB 3.0, Bluetooth, GSM,  etc.

PCB manufacturing

· single and multilayer PCB,
· prototypes, short and long production series,
· over 50 laminates for all kind of applications

PCB assembly (PCBA)

· automatic, single and double-sided SMD,
· THT and mixed SMD/THT assembly,
· SMD oven soldering, SMD / THT wave soldering or standard nitrogen inert,
· functional testing and programming of memory

We provide access to the latest technologies used in production of printed circuit boards

We guarantee attractive conditions of cooperation and short production time

Highest production standards:


E-TEST on printed circuit boards 100% in standard offer
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Depending on the specification of your projects, the printed circuit boards can be produced using the following materials: FR4, CEM3, ECOOL or aluminium (ALU). We offer flexible or rigid-flex PCB, with a thickness ranging from 0.2 to 8.5 mm, and containing up to 30 layers. Our PCBs are coated with copper within a wide range of thickness (from 18 to 245 µm) with chemical and electrochemical gold plating, or immersion tin or silver plating. Full description of our technical capabilities can be found here – click here and continue.

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What do our Customers
say about us?

For many years Evatronix S.A. has been our proven partner in the scope of delivery and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB). The company is a real standout thanks to: its timeliness, attractive prices, high quality and advanced capabilities of PCB production.
No negative results of monitoring PCB delivered for production were recorded. The PCB met all the requirements without reservations. The assessment of Customer Service is positive.
Printed circuit boards are of good quality, resilient to replacement of elements. Prices are moderate and deliveries are punctual.

Experts' support

We are experts in the field of: PCB, PCBA, FPGA and EMBEDDED systems. We have worked for several dozen international companies, global leaders, as the main executor of a sub-executor of contracts. We have developed challenging and visionary projects, some of them are still in progress. We cannot mention them all due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Our other scope of activity is providing SMEs with a technological support in terms of designing and manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCB) of various level of complexity. 

Attractive conditions of cooperation

Our philosophy is based on building and maintaining long-term relationships. As a company operating at the electronics market for 25 years, we perfectly understand that to our Customers we are more than just a supplier and manufacturer of PCB – we are a partner. Thanks to combining the latest leading, high-performance technologies of PCB production, wide offer of specialised laminates, and experience, our commercial terms are always attractive. Our fine references and long-lasting relationships with Partners best prove that it is worth to cooperate with us.

Short terms of PCB production

We own an innovative machinery park operating 24h a day, 6 days a week, a team of experienced PCB designers and production engineers, as well as reliable partners managing logistics for our solutions. Our Customers are always guaranteed with the shortest possible term of production and designing of printed circuit boards. We always keep the terms agreed. We specialise in prototypes, short and long production series. We are a reliable partner, proved as a regular supplier of PCBs to the leading Polish and European manufacturers of a great variety of low-end and high-tech devices.

The highest quality

We are proud of the quality of our solutions. Regardless of whether you order us to design printed circuit boards, optimise the existing projects, produce PCB prototypes, or deliver printed circuit boards assembly (PCBA) on regular basis, your order will be completed at the highest standards. We assure 100% performance of electrical tests for all the PCB we manufactured. The highest quality of our offer is best proven by opinions or our former and present Customers. They are also the strongest evidence that we are worth your trust.